Contributed by Darren McPherson, our Airline Interview & Workshop coach and senior captain at a major international airline with over 30 years’ experience.

All pilots start somewhere: looking at planes, reading and dreaming about them—then actually taking that first step towards flying lessons and getting your pilots licence.

All through this time we look to the skies and continue dreaming about flying a big, shiny jet and working for some of the world’s best airlines. This dream and passion was and still is mine, as I’m sure it has been for other pilots I have met over the years.

Where it started for me

Prior to working for the big airlines, I had the opportunity to fly all over Australia. I started my pilot career by teaching people to fly in general aviation. I then went on to work for some large charter companies and small airlines throughout the top parts of Australia. Working for these companies allowed me to see some of the most spectacular destinations in the country.

Working in Asia, and flying internationally

My experience working for a major airline also gave me opportunities to travel to Asia, and not just to fly some of the world’s largest and most advanced aircraft, but to experience numerous major cities on a regular basis. From the latest statistics, Boeing indicates that the growth of demand for the next generation of pilots is expected to remain high in the Asia Pacific Region. This forecast is great news for aspiring pilots in this part of the world, who I look forward to seeing embark on a journey like mine.

An Airline Pilot - The Real Traveler

The experience that I have had from this flying has taken me from the warmth of an Australian summer to the challenges of flying around typhoons in Asia all in a single day’s work. This variety of destinations was a constant occurrence. On the next flight, travelling in a different direction to the middle of Alaska, I got to experience the extremes of a snow-filled cold winter.

This pattern or roster may appear fictional but was common within a typical month’s flying as an airline pilot. To have these experiences on a regular basis has shown that pursuing a career as an airline pilot has lived up to those imaginative, yet early stages of my flying dream.

The Ongoing Aviation Dream

The journey of an airline career and that of flying can be a long and interesting one, much like life itself. Would I recommend it to any dreamer who looks up at the sky? Reflecting on the flying, career challenges, places and people I have met, I do so strongly and without question.

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