The Secret Weapon for 75 Successful Airline Pilot Interview Students

Learn to Fly is working with Senior Captain Darren McPherson from ACS (Aviation Consulting Services) to provide Airline Interview Training, and together we have helped numerous candidates successfully pass their airline interviews over the past 2 years.

These candidates have progressed onto various airlines such as Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific Airways, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and QANTAS; plus various airlines in the United States. Furthermore, they are flying a range of aircraft types from the Dash 8 and ATR 72’s through to various Airbus and Boeing types; such as the A330, A350, B747, B777 and B787.

The Secret Weapon for 75 Successful Airline Pilot Interview Students

Future Cadet Pilot Program (FCPP)

Now is a great time to get into the aviation industry. If you are hoping to potentially become an airline pilot by progressing through an Airline Cadetship Program, Learn to Fly can help you. Our Future Cadet Pilot Program (FCPP) is designed to successfully equip graduates with the skills, qualifications and experience required for any Airline Cadet Pilot Interview. The program will include the following training sessions:

  1. Flight Training – The objective of the the training is to give you a good and fair sampling of what flying feels like, plus an insight into the flight training process.
  2. Airline Interview Training – Darren McPherson from ACS (Aviation Consulting Services) will teach the interview training. As a Senior Captain at a major international airline with 30 years of experience, Captain Darren will teach you how to best present yourself for your interview. In the session he will thoroughly review your CV, as well as enhance your group discussion skills, human relations (HR) and technical knowledge to prepare for entry level airline positions
  3. Cadet Pilot Theory – The theory sessions will contain everything you need to know to have the best chance of passing the airline interview. They not only cover basic aerodynamics, but also technical knowledge related to airline operations Everything you need to know to pass the airline interview
  4. Simulation Training – The training is separated into 2 parts. The first part will be conducted by Flight Experiences Melbourne on their 737 flight simulator. You will complete the second component on Learn to Fly’s state-of-the-art VR flight simulator
  5. Aviation English – Prepare you to pass the ICAO Aviation English test which is one of the requirements requested by some airlines during the interview process

For more information, come and have a look at our Flight Training Centre, talk to our pilots and instructors, and look at the various courses that can help you progress towards these airlines and aircraft types in the future.