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Airline Interview Coaching Session

Pick up tips from a Senior Captain

$ 880

Full Time:
1 Day
Part Time:

Exceed Expectations

Darren McPherson, a Senior Captain at a prominent Asian airline with 30 years’ experience, will be conducting this session to help you prepare for the application and interview phases of the airline recruitment process. In a small group environment, you will learn and practice the various elements of airline interviews. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to gain insights that will put you ahead of the competition.

AICS Process

The session will begin with a detailed overview of the current airline industry and market forecasts for the coming years in various Australasian regions. We will also review the market outlook for individual airlines including Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines, the QANTAS Group and various key General Aviation (GA) operators within Australia.

The airline interview process can be a daunting unknown for many candidates. We will consider the various stages throughout this process and discuss all aspects of airline pilot screening. You’ll become familiar with the various methods of IQ and physiometric testing as well as the panel interview, group exercises and flight simulator assessments.

We will discuss various Human Resources questions and methods as well as practice techniques that can be utilised during an interview. You will practice these methods and techniques with comparable question scenarios in a mock interview environment, to develop successful answering skills.

Group skills have become a significant factor in the airline pilot recruitment phase. You will review the effects of different personality types and examine management techniques through real life scenarios, to gain practical methods for ensuring safe and effectual outcomes.

The technical assessment session will indicate the effective levels required for the various points candidates could enter an airline; from cadets with zero experience to pilots with a number of years flying experience. This will help identify where you can begin and to what depths any pilot should prepare prior to their panel interview.

Throughout the day various times will be available for both individual and group discussion to consider the wide ranging aspects of the recruitment and interview process. These discussions are expected to provide accurate and real life feedback to candidates that may not be available from reading guides or online forums.

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