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Beginner Programs

Want to know what it feels like to touch the sky? Our beginner courses will show you whether flight training is right for you and all hours will count towards your pilot licence if you continue.


Recreational Aviation Programs

Jump into our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to experience the latest technology and achieve your flight training goals more cost effectively.


General Aviation Programs

Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, working towards a GA pilot licence will give you the know-how you need to succeed.


Airline Interview Preparation Programs

Airline Interview Preparation Programs aim to develop your technical, theoretical and practical flying skills in preparation for your airline cadet pilot application.


Diploma of Aviation

Our Diploma of Aviation (CPL) is a 150 hours integrated flight training program preparing students to become a professional commercial pilot in 12 months.

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RPC Cross Country Endorsement

Navigate through the skies

Pay as you Fly

12 Training Hrs

$ 298 / hr

Full Time:
2-3 weeks
Part Time:
3 Months


12 Training Hrs

$ 6,185 / Package

Full Time:
2-3 Weeks
Part Time:
3 Months

Fly Further Afield

Having obtained your RPC, you have seen all there is to see in the 25nm area. The next stage in your flight training process is learning to navigate. With the assistance and guidance of your instructor, you will plan and execute several navigational flights throughout your Cross Country Endorsement training, in conjunction with improving your fundamental flying skills.

Cross Country Endorsement Process

Theory sessions will cover a range of areas including aircraft balance, flight planning, map reading, navigation, performance and meteorology. Ground theory will be integrated into the flight training. You must pass the RAAus Navigation Theory Exam and practical flight training to obtain your Licence, but you don’t need to finish theory classes before going to fly.

You will conduct your navigation flight training following the RAAus Cross Country Endorsement syllabus. The training required will also see you advance your flying skills and learn to safely and effectively navigate your aircraft on cross country flights. You will learn how to read and understand all charts, maps, weather information and correctly complete flight plans.

If your instructor feels you are competent to navigate the aircraft on your own, they will send you on your navigation solo. You will fly for at least 5hrs cross country, navigating around the ranges, controlling steps and flying to a different airport. You will land there, refuel, takeoff and fly back.

After ongoing instruction and practice, you will be ready to be put forward for your 3 hours Cross Country Endorsement flight test. In a test with the Chief Flying Instructor at Learn to Fly Melbourne, you will demonstrate all that you have learnt through your flight training. If they are satisfied with your knowledge and skills, you will be awarded your Cross Country Endorsement.

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