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Beginner Programs

Want to know what it feels like to touch the sky? Our beginner courses will show you whether flight training is right for you and all hours will count towards your pilot licence if you continue.


Recreational Aviation Programs

Jump into our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to experience the latest technology and achieve your flight training goals more cost effectively.


General Aviation Programs

Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, working towards a GA pilot licence will give you the know-how you need to succeed.


Airline Interview Preparation Programs

Airline Interview Preparation Programs aim to develop your technical, theoretical and practical flying skills in preparation for your airline cadet pilot application.


Diploma of Aviation

Our Diploma of Aviation (CPL) is a 150 hours integrated flight training program preparing students to become a professional commercial pilot in 12 months.

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Future Cadet Pilot Program

Get serious about being a cadet pilot


5 Training Hrs

3 Simulation Hrs

$ 5,350 / Package

First Solo

15 Training Hrs

4 Simulation Hrs

$ 8,275 / Package


25 Training Hrs

7 Simulation Hrs

$ 13,500 / Package

Give yourself an edge

FCPP is an outstanding flight training program designed to equip successful graduates with the skills, qualifications and experience required for the Airline Cadet Pilot Interview. FCPP aims to develop your technical, theoretical and practical flying skills in preparation for your cadet application, Learn to Fly Melbourne’s Cadet Pilot Program has developed a syllabus to improve your abilities and confidence. Featuring flight training, Cadet Pilot Interview Workshop and Airline Interview Coaching Session with international Captain and Airline Interview Consultant Darren McPherson, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success in the intense interviewing process.

Training Process

Upon enrolment, you will be offered a Training Starter Kit which covers practical and theoretical training information including runway orientation, aircraft checklists, airport and airspace introduction, wing terminology and basic flight training procedures. You must study this kit in order to complete Simulation Flight Training.

After successful completion of stage one, students will start flight training on our flight simulator in Hong Kong, Singapore or Melbourne. Your time in the simulator will help you grasp the techniques needed in each training session, then you can put the procedures you have learnt into practice when you get into the real aircraft. It is an ideal way to enhance your training efficiency and minimise costs.

Flight training will be conducted by our Team Eagle Instructors at Learn to Fly Melbourne’s base in Australia. The flight training you will undertake will be conducted in the newest generation Bristell or Sling 2 aircraft. Both aircrafts are equipped with modern glass cockpit avionics and LCD flight instrument displays similar to those in commercial passenger jets. Every new exercise is demonstrated by the flight instructor and the student will improve learned skills through practice.

Through a series of discussions on the aviation industry and flight training principles, the Cadet Pilot Interview Workshop will give you a clear understanding of what it takes to become an airline pilot and how to prepare for your cadet pilot interview.

As a Senior Captain at a major international airline with 30 years of experience, Captain Darren will teach you how to best present your documents and yourself in interviews. In the session you will thoroughly review your CV as well as enhance your human relations (HR) and technical knowledge to prepare for entry level airline positions.

Demonstrate how to recover from Unusual Attitude, Incipient Spin and Spiral Dive; Introduction to Instrument flying and Autopilot System; Standard Operating Procedures; Controlled Airspace simulation practice including taxi and radio calls.

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