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Beginner Programs

Want to know what it feels like to touch the sky? Our beginner courses will show you whether flight training is right for you and all hours will count towards your pilot licence if you continue.


Recreational Aviation Programs

Jump into our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to experience the latest technology and achieve your flight training goals more cost effectively.


General Aviation Programs

Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, working towards a GA pilot licence will give you the know-how you need to succeed.


Airline Interview Preparation Programs

Airline Interview Preparation Programs aim to develop your technical, theoretical and practical flying skills in preparation for your airline cadet pilot application.


Diploma of Aviation

Our Diploma of Aviation (CPL) is a 150 hours integrated flight training program preparing students to become a professional commercial pilot in 12 months.

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RPL Navigation Endorsement

Broaden your horizons

3 Training Hrs

$ 1095

$ 365 / hr (PAYG)

Full Time:
1 Day
Part Time:

Validate your skills

The Recreational Navigation Endorsement program will convert your RAAus Cross Country Endorsement to a GA RPL Navigation Endorsement. It consists of a theory revision session and flight assessment, which will be conducted by a senior instructor from Melbourne Flight Training. The assessment flight will also be considered as a PPL Pre-Test and cover all areas of the PPL Flight Test Form. Upon successful completion of the assessment flight, the instructor will recommend you to the CFI for a PPL flight test.

RPL Navigation Endorsement Process

The theory revision session will cover ground knowledge, privileges and limitations, operational information, ALA requirements, loading and performance, flight planning and aircraft systems, general airwork and navigation. The instructor will advise you on what to study and prepare for the assessment flight.

This is an unassisted flight which will assess your current competency against the CASA Day VFR Syllabus. On conclusion of this flight your instructor will provide feedback on how well you satisfied the Day VFR Syllabus requirements and advise you on any further training required prior to a formal PPL Flight Test.

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