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Beginner Programs

Want to know what it feels like to touch the sky? Our beginner courses will show you whether flight training is right for you and all hours will count towards your pilot licence if you continue.


Recreational Aviation Programs

Jump into our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to experience the latest technology and achieve your flight training goals more cost effectively.


General Aviation Programs

Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, working towards a GA pilot licence will give you the know-how you need to succeed.


Airline Interview Preparation Programs

If you’ve got your sights set on becoming a Cadet Pilot, you want to have our experienced team of Grade 1 and senior instructors on your side.

Recreational Aviation Programs Cadet Pilot Programs

Recreational Pilot Licence

Master the fundamentals of flying

Pay as you Fly

$ 288 / hr

Full Time:
4 Weeks
Part Time:
6 Months


28 Training Hrs

5 Simulation Hrs

$ 11423 / Package

Full Time:
4 Weeks
Part Time:
6 Months

Start building your knowledge

Whether training towards a career in aviation, or flying just for fun, achieving an RPL should be your first goal. You will learn the fundamentals – both theoretical and practical – of how to fly and safely land an aircraft. After ongoing instruction and practice, you will be of an appropriate standard to be put forward for your flight test.

RPL Course Process

After successful enrolment, students will be provided with their Training Starter Kit. It includes basic information regarding both practical and theoretical flight training. This will include runway orientation, aircraft checklists, airport and airspace introduction, wing terminology, basic flight training procedures and radio call structures.

Theory sessions will cover aeronautical knowledge, aircraft general knowledge, flight rules, radio procedures and Moorabbin Airport procedures. Ground theory will be integrated into flight training. You will need to pass the Radio and Pre-Solo Air Legislation exams before going solo.

Before your scheduled flight training lessons, you’ll be able to utilise our professional flight training simulators to practice all procedures. The simulator helps you understand exactly how to perform in each training session before getting into the real aircraft. It is an ideal way to enhance your training efficiency and minimise costs.

The flight training you will undertake will be conducted in the newest generation Bristell or Sling 2 aircraft. Both aircrafts are equipped with modern glass cockpit avionics and LCD flight instrument displays similar to those in commercial passenger jets. Every new exercise is demonstrated by the flight instructor and the student will improve learned skills through practice.

If your instructor feels you are competent to fly the aircraft on your own, they will send you on your FIRST SOLO. Yes, that does mean you are flying on your own with your instructor watching you from the ground. It’s an exciting moment for any pilot!

After ongoing instruction and practice, you will be ready to be put forward for a RPC flight test. In a test with the Chief Flying Instructor at Learn to Fly Melbourne, you will demonstrate all you have learnt in flight training. If they are satisfied with your knowledge and skills, you will be awarded your Recreational Pilot Certificate.

Once you have received your Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) which is equivalent to an Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL), you can apply to CASA for the issuance of an RPL by simply filling in a form. To activate the RPL, a flight review on a GA aircraft is needed.

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